Specifications for all Aller Media websites

GDPR and integrity policy for Aller Media Sweden: https://www.aller.se/integritetspolicy/



For questions or delivery of banners/tags please contact: traffic@aller.se



Material must be delivered 3 business days before the campaign goes live for standard formats. High impact formats Topscroll and Midscroll/Interscroll must be delivered within 5-10 working days.

Information that must be included:

Advertiser, campaign name, start and end date and URL for landing page.

Max weight:

The max weight of a creative relates to the initially downloaded total file size. For HTML5 the material size relates to the total file size of the zip file. 

3rd party script from for example Google, Sizmek or Adform is counted as part of the total weight of the ad. This mean as a creator/developer you are limited. Please advice that polite load is preferred. 


Creative Tech Specs

- Max weight 150 kb for standard display ads. (See below for high impact formats)

- Deliver banner material as 3rd party script, HTML5 or image file (gif, jpg, png). 

- All 3rd party scripts need to be delivered in HTTPS.

- FPS (frames per second): 18 fps, Aller Media follow IAB recommendations.

-­ Animation: Max ad duration 30 sec.

-­ Audio: Must be user-­initiated with an on/off button.

-­ A maximum of 5 creative updates per format are included.

- All ads must follow the Better Ads standards initiative (for more info please visit https://www.betterads.org/).


Material Delivery

All material must be sent to Ad Ops - traffic@aller.se. If material isn't delivered in time Aller Media can't guarantee that the material will be uploaded and tested in time for campaign start.


In case of late delivery, we cannot guarantee that your ad is going to start according to schedule and will deliver in full.



All requests to external sources must be absolute path and requested over SSL/TLS. This means that the URL must start with HTTPS:// Used domain needs a valid SSL-certificate.



Functionality of all material must be tested and ensured by the creative developer/creator. 

- Edge + Internet Explorer

- Firefox

- Safari

- Chrome



NOTE - Flying Carpet is not available for HTML5.

HTML5 zip banner will be uploaded to Double Click Creative Studio. Please follow Creative Studio banner guidelines: https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/2672545

HTML5 Video:

Video in HTML5 is allowed if the creative use polite load, auto sound is disabled and that the file size conditions are met. 

Attention. Regarding mobile devices, video is sometimes blocked from autoplaying to protect consumers from unwanted data usage. In both iOS and Android this also include preloading  content. For a video to start on iOS and Android there sometimes has to be an user interaction. Max weight for video is set to 5 MB and max length is 30 sec without loop.  Video should not be included in the HTML5 zip-file. Video must be hosted as external source through HTTPS protocol with absolute path. 



For questions or delivery of banners/tags please contact: traffic@aller.se