Welcome to Aller Media's ad submission!

Upload your print material on the link below. You will find the login details for the advertising portal in your order confirmation.

When you upload your ad, your material is automatically checked. You will be notified if something is wrong with the material. The material supplier is responsible for the material being produced correctly. We will not make any changes to the submitted material.

Important information

  • We only accept advertising material as a print-ready PDF, version 1.3
  • The ad must be produced in the same size as the booked advertising space, however, always add 5 mm bleed for all formats
  • All ads must contain crop marks. 
  • We do not accept multi-page PDF:s
  • Any text in the ad should not be closer than 5 mm from the printer's marks
  • In the event of a "preflight error" message after submitting the material, the error needs to be rectified and new material sent in for a new check
  • We reserve the right to use ad marking on materials that are similar to our editorial style


All colors must be in CMYK
Maximum color shade 320%
When printing with 100% black coverage, it should be 50% cyan below

ICC profile
ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc with a resolution of 300 dpi

File name
PDF-files should be named after the brand, publication, number and customer name. For example:
If you want to change your material and submit a new file, please name it accordingly:

Job Option & ICC Profile


Brand Full page Double page spread 1/2 Page horizontal 1/2 Page vertical
Allers 208x278 416x278 208x139 104x278
Allas 208x278 416x278 208x139 104x278
Hemmets Veckotidning 208x278 416x278 208x139 104x278
Året Runt 208x278 416x278 208x139 104x278
Hänt Extra 208x276 416x276 208x138 104x276
Hänt i Veckan 208x278 416x278 208x139 104x278
Veckans NU 213x291 426x291 213x145 106x291
Svensk Damtidning 208x278 416x278 208x139 104x278
MåBra 213x291 426x291 213x145 106x291
Allers Trädgård 208x278 416x278 208x139 104x278
Antik & Auktion 225x297 450x297 225x148 112x297
ELLE 225x297 450x297    
ELLE Decoration 225x297 450x297    
ELLE Mat & Vin 225x297 450x297    
Femina 213x291 426x291 213x145 106x291
Matmagasinet 208x278 416x278 208x139 104x278
Residence 230x297 460x297    
TV-Guiden 208x278   208x139 104x278